Live: Breakfast seminar: 'Brand Norway'

November 25, 2016 09:36 AM

Brand Norway – the way forward

Norwegian prosperity depends on our ability to increase value creation, and
Brand Norway will contribute to just that.


25 years of fantastic economic growth we now have to restructure in light of
the recent developments in the oil industry. In order for Norway to uphold our
standard of living, other sectors need to double by 2040. While exporting more
goods and services remain crucial, we also need to attract more companies,
tourists and talents from abroad. Brand Norway will thus be a contributing
factor in building the future Norway.


Norway was not granted the funds requested in this year’s state budget, and
will be continued within the current framework. 
In this breakfast seminar, Director of Brand Norway, Cathrine Pia Lund,
will provide further direction and clarify the path ahead.


the end we’ll be given an introduction by Finn Mortensen from the Danish organisation
and web portal ‘State of Green’ which fronts Danish green solutions on the
global market.



Why do we need Brand Norway?

Norway's new position and audiences

How to make Brand Norway more tangible and how to move forward?

• The Danish ‘State of Green’ for inspiration